Getting ride ready in the winter

Five things to get you ride ready this winter

For those of us who love the open road, winter sucks! There is no denying it. Even worse than being off the road, is not being road ready when the time comes.  Here are five tips so ensure you are ready when the weather breaks:

  1. Cross train – any cardio work you do over the winter helps you build/maintain your fitness. Hiking, cross country skiing, ice skating and running are just a few things that not only build cardio, but also use the same major muscles as cycling.
  2. Take it inside – with studios popping up all over and most gyms offering classes, you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a Spin/indoor class right. Find a couple instructors you like, let them know you are training for BRAKING AIDS® Ride and let them challenge you!
  3. Ride at home – pop your trusty steed up on a trainer and ride at home. Trainers start at $50 and run up to over a thousand dollars, but if you are just using it to keep your legs underneath you during the winter you can get by with the basics. I have had the same trainer for over 15 years. Keeping it entertaining is the bigger struggle, so think short, diverse rides. Ask me for suggestions.
  4. Hit the road anyway! Invest in some winter cycling gear and hit the road. Think layers and be super careful about ice and salt on the road. The salt can mess up your steed and then you have to shower with her. Also, get a couple lights for your bike to make yourself more visible, especially with shorter daylight hours.
  5. Strengthen your core – to put it mildly, the body position we are required to keep on the bike is far from natural. Having a strong core will at least make it more comfortable. Not sure where to start? Pop down on the floor and assume a plank (push-up) position during a TV commercial or two. Take it down on your elbows to make it even more ride-like.
  6. Get your bike ready! Go into any bike shop right now and you will get the best service ever. Just like you, they are waiting for spring. Get your bike tuned-up, pick up some spare tubes and CO2 cartridges and anything else you need.  Need a shop? Check out our Official Outfitters!

There you have it! Ride On!

—Blake, Training and Fundraising Coach